Production Completion Fundraiser

INHABITANTS: is a feature documentary film that follows six Native American tribes as they deal with the stress of a changing climate and highlights how their traditonal land use practices are showing resilience in a changing world.

STAGE OF PRODUCTION: The production of INHABITANTS is 50% completed. In 2018 we began shooting with the Hopi, Karuk, Menominee and Blackfeet Tribes. The next phase of production will include finishing production with these Tribes and also shooting with Ojibwe and Hawaii Tribes. Production for this film will be completed in the Fall of 2019 with a planned release of the full feature in the Spring of 2020.

CURRENT NEEDS: We have raised $50,000 to date that funded the pre-production and the first year of shooting in four locations across the US. We need to raise and additional 25K to complete the production of this film for the remaining six shoots from Hawaii to Minnesota.

**This documentary is being made through the Fiscal Sponsor THE SOCIAL GOOD FUND 501c3 Non-Profit. Any donations are tax deductible.**

SAMPLE FOOTAGE: This short video encapsulates some of the main story threads we are picking up from the first four tribes we have filmed with. Upcoming shoots include the corn harvest with the Hopi Tribe, the buffalo harvest with the Blackfeet Tribe, fall logging with the Menominee, food forests with the Hawaii Tribe and the wild rice harvest with the Ojibwe Tribe.

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